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Katharine McClelland

Katharine McClelland

Cell: 613-561-7000
Office: 613-384-5500
Fax: 613.384.6800

Katharine works so that her clients always know that they are being taken care of by a familiar face.
Katharine has herown client base (although some clients are shared) and each will handle their own client's real estate needs. In the event that either Katharine or Kim are away on vacation or involved in a personal event that make them unavailable to address their client's real estate needs, the other will be 'on call' and readily available to step in.  It is a nice working and reciprocal relationship based on trust & loyalty and never is the client compromised.

Both Katharine and Kim are dedicated professionals with years of experience and provide fantastic service. Many testimonials have been shared and can be viewed on this website. 

Although Katharine and Kim work together, they each have their own style and ways of working as well as fortes/specialities. Feel free to give either of them (or both of them!) a ring and have them meet with you to see if you are a good fit. Selling or Buying real estate is a process but the relationship that the client has with their realtor is key to the successful transaction.  Like a good marriage, the relationship requires loyalty, trust, honesty, dedication, and much more!

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